Prospective Tenants FAQ

How do I setup an appointment to view an apartment? 

You must fill out an application and upon approval, you will be called to schedule an appointment to view an apartment, if any are vacant. We understand that you may want to view an apartment prior to filling out an application, but due to multiple inquiries and high demand, a screening process must be completed to guarantee a potential tenant meets our requirements.

What is rental criteria to rent?

By signing your application you are authorizing us to run a computer check as well as contact employers and past landlords. We gather and review:

    • Credit history
    • Income – current and past employers
    • Criminal history
    • Prior evictions
    • Rental history – past landlords

Generally speaking, to qualify, your income or collective income of all tenants must be at least three times the monthly rent amount, stable and verifiable income, and income generally expected to continue. It usually takes less than one full day to process an application. You will be contacted immediately upon review of the application. If your application is accepted, we will set up a day and time to do a walk through, upon vacancies. 

How much does an application cost?

There is a $35 application fee paid directly at the completion of filling out the application. Each additional spouse, or joint applicant is an additional $10. In an effort to provide the best possible environment for all of our Tenants, we run a comprehensive background check as part of the application process. If your application is declined, application fees are not returned. If you meet our criteria, we will let you know that your application is approved.

I want to rent, Whats my next step?

If you would like to rent and hold an apartment, you can do so after you have been qualified through submitting a rental application. Upon approval, a hold deposit (each property cost varies) is required to reserve your apartment, this will become your refundable security deposit at your lease signing. You must sign your lease within 30 days of your application’s approval, unless vacancy is not prepared until after 30 days. If you change your mind about renting the apartment within the 24 hours of your application and deposit being submitted, we will refund the original deposit. If you decide after the 24 hours has expired that you will not rent the apartment, half your deposit will be forfeited.  

I have a lease signing scheduled, when should I put utilities in my name?

If you are responsible for your own water and electricity, you should have these utilities put into your name before your lease signing to ensure that they are all on when you want to start moving into your apartment. You can do so far in advance with utility companies and schedule a specific date.

Do I have to move into an apartment on the 1st of the month?

You must schedule your lease signing within 30 days of your application being approved, but you do not have to move in on the first of a month. If you move in partway through the month, your rent for that month will be pro-rated. However, rent is always due by the 1st of every month following. 

Do I have to sign a 12 month lease?

We do generally require a year lease. We may be willing to negotiate the lease terms with a monthly premium. In order to discuss having a lease shorter than a year, you can call the rentals office to discuss that possibility with a rental or leasing agent. 

Does Dabit & Associates accept HUD?

Unfortunately, we do not.

I smoke, or my roommate smokes?

Dabit & Associates has a strict NO SMOKING policy at their properties.


Current Tenant FAQ

When is my rent due?

Your rent is due by or on the 1st of each month. Rent is considered late after the 5th.

How do I report a problem?

If you are experiencing a maintenance problem, please submit a form through the maintenance request tab on our website, call and follow prompts, or email us. Please leave your name, apartment address, telephone number and a description of your problem. If the emergency requires police or fire department resources, please call 911 immediately; once you have reached safety, then call then emergency maintenance.

What if I need to break my lease?

We understand circumstances arise and a need to move out prior to your lease expiration may be necessary. Please call a manager about questions for breaking a lease.

My lease is ending soon and I DO NOT plan to renew?

A 45 day notice is required in writing from all tenants who do not plan to renew. You must fill out a Non-Renewal form, which can be requested, and signed electronically. 

My lease is ending soon and I DO plan to renew another 12 months?

Great! We are glad to hear that you are staying. Please let a manager know and you will sign a lease renewal form.

When should I have my utilities turned off if I am moving?

As stated in your lease, utilities must stay on for at least 3 full business days after keys are dropped off. This allows for proper move out inspection and cleaning. 

What if I want to get a roommate?

The person must complete and submit a Rental Application.  Please note that the person may not move in with you until he or she has been approved by Dabit & Associates Property Management.

I am having guests at my apartment, where can they park?

Parking spots are reserved for tenants only. Guests are required to park on the outside of the community. Cars that are left overnight and are not permitted will be towed at owners expense. Note: Each property varies.

I moved out of  my apartment at the end of my lease term, when can I expect my security deposit refund?

Your security deposit will be returned to you within 45 days of the end of your lease responsibility, minus any deductions for cleaning and/or damages. Any deductions will be noted on an itemized list of charges. 

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